Creating a website

Welcome to Cache! Let's get you started with a website.

If your a PRO, then you can go ahead with the steps below, but if you need more help please call us on 07 3102 9582 we would be more than happy to give you a hand.

Step one

Create an account with us.

Step two

Get a domain name and hosting for your site. Leave this is your having trouble, we know a guy who knows a guy.

Step three

Create an order on your Cache dashboard.

Step four

Add the type of website you want. Visit our websites page if you need a hand deciding.

Step five

From here wait a couple of hours and we will contact you to discuss your design, development and deployment.

Step six

If your having trouble with any of these at anytime, email our help center or call us on 07 3102 9582.


Need more help? Call us now.